Welcome to the Geek Leisure website!

Wow!.. What a name for a website huh? You may be asking yourself, "Whats it all about?" Well it simply boils down to a what a bunch of guys do to get away from their normal daily routine. Here you will find a variety geeks with jobs ranging from Windows/Unix/Linux administrators, Network Engineers, Mainframe Consultants, Programmers and those that just love nerdy stuff.

Are we pro Microsoft? Are we pro Linux? I think you will find a variety of both here which is surely to make the forum discussions interesting but the true answer is that all of us here are pro "Fun".

This website was built to bring different technical people together and give them a place to communicate some of those off hours leisurly activities. Everyone is welcome to get involved as well as express their own hobbies that may be of interest to others. Here is a list of a few things that the people here get involved with.

Just for fun:

  • LAN parties (PC Gaming, aka: geekfest)
  • Radio controlled Air show events (aka: funfly)
  • 4-Wheeler rides
  • Camping trips
  • Hunting
  • Boating

    Just to learn:
  • Central Arkansas Linux Users Group meetings
  • Install Feasts



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